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Norse Atlantic Airways Reviews: A Deep Dive into the Flight Experience

Embarking on a transatlantic journey is often accompanied by a hefty price tag, but Norse

Atlantic Airways, a new and exciting airline in the industry, has flipped the script, offering a fantastic deal with one-way tickets priced as low as $110.

As a relatively recent addition to the aviation landscape, Norse Atlantic has quickly gained attention for connecting Europe to sought-after destinations like Norway and England. The allure lies in its commitment to budget-friendly fare tickets, prioritizing affordability over extravagant frills.

Unlike other barebones Norse Atlantic Airways reviews, we delve into the nuances of the flight experience, unraveling the true value behind these competitively priced journeys. While the airline may not boast the lavish amenities of its full-service counterparts like American, Delta, or United Airlines, Norse Atlantic Airways distinguishes itself with a modern fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, ensuring a comfortable and spacious journey.

Join us as we closely examine the offerings, navigate potential pitfalls, and determine whether Norse Atlantic Airways and its pocket-friendly fares truly position it as a formidable contender in the transatlantic travel landscape.

Background on Norse Atlantic Airways

As the aviation industry experienced a tumultuous period, with the demise of well-known ultra-low-cost carriers like WOW Air and Primera Air, Norwegian Air emerged as a prominent player connecting the U.S. and Europe.

However, confronted with challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, Norwegian Air made the strategic decision to discontinue all of its long-haul flights, thereby leaving a void in the market that European airlines may seek to fill.

Seizing this opportunity, former senior persons in Norwegian Air Shuttle and OSM Aviation., Bjørn Kjos, Bjørn Kise, and Bjørn Tore Larsen, swiftly established Norse Atlantic Airways in 2021 as its successor, stepping into the void and introducing affordable transatlantic services. Norse Atlantic wasted no time, taking off with flights to Oslo from key U.S. cities such as New York, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Los Angeles, heralding a new era of budget-friendly travel across the Atlantic.

The fleet of Norse Atlantic Airways comprises modern Boeing 787 Dreamliners, aptly named “Longships,” boasting a youthful age that translates into a clean, bright, and spacious in-flight environment.

True to its commitment to delivering economical fares without sacrificing quality, Norse Atlantic Airways has extended its footprint to encompass additional European destinations, such as Berlin and London.

Pioneering the introduction of budget-friendly transatlantic services, Norse Atlantic Airways has become a frontrunner, offering passengers an affordable yet comfortable travel option between the United States and Europe.

The inclusion of diverse European cities and airports like Rome Fiumicino Airport underscores Norse Atlantic’s ambition to redefine intercontinental air travel, providing travelers with unprecedented access at an unparalleled value.

In the spirit of Nordic-inspired low-cost carriers, Norse Atlantic emerges as a noteworthy contender in the transatlantic landscape, akin to the recent entry of PLAY Airlines, offering U.S. flyers an array of cheap flight for traveling across the ocean.

Onboard Experience

Norse Atlantic Airways, with its fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, crafts a travel experience that blends simplicity with functionality, emphasizing passenger comfort even in the back of the plane. The Economy cabin, configured in a 3-3-3 fashion, provides a familiar setting akin to mainstream carriers, with seats measuring approximately 17 inches in width.

While the drab gray color scheme may lack vibrancy, the cabin ensures a standard yet comfortable environment. Each Economy seat offers 32 inches of legroom, with the option to secure extra legroom seats for an additional fee. Noteworthy are the expansive windows on the 787s, featuring a dimming button for controlling natural light—an appealing feature during extended flights.

The in-flight entertainment system is a bright spot in Norse’s offer, with every seat equipped with an individual seatback screen. Although lacking a moving map or navigation system, the system offers an extensive selection of movies and TV shows, catering to diverse preferences.

Conveniently, each seat provides a headphone jack and a USB port, and every three-seat section includes two universal plug-ins for shared device charging.

In contrast, Norse Atlantic’s Premium seats, positioned at the front of the plane, present a notable upgrade from the standard Economy experience. The 2-3-2 seating arrangement provides wider and more plush seats, ensuring ample legroom for passengers.

These Premium seats, resembling offerings in Premium Economy on other airlines, feature larger tray tables and entertainment screens that emerge from the armrests. While commanding a higher fare, the Premium seats offer a significant enhancement in comfort, making them an appealing option for travelers seeking a more refined experience without the expense of full-blown business class.

In summary, Norse Atlantic Airways delivers a well-balanced onboard experience, leveraging the modern amenities of the Boeing 787 Dreamliners to cater to the diverse needs of passengers across its Economy and Premium cabins.

Extras and Fees

Norse Atlantic Airways adopts an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) model, reminiscent of larger counterparts such as Spirit or Frontier, enticing travelers with budget-friendly base fares that cover the essentials – a seat with room for a backpack and little else.

However, this stripped-down approach allows passengers to customize their experience by individually selecting add-ons based on their preferences. When booking through the Norse Atlantic website, passengers encounter a transparent breakdown of fare options, facilitating informed decisions on what is included and what incurs additional charges.

For instance, on a New York JFK to London Gatwick flight, various Norse flight fare packages are available, allowing passengers to tailor their journey. The Economy Classic fare, for an additional $90 over the Economy Light fare, includes the convenience of storing a carry-on bag and a meal service at the beginning of the flight.

Notably, Norse Atlantic’s ULCC approach means that nothing onboard is complimentary. Passengers can opt for individual add-ons, ranging from seat assignments to bags and meals, bypassing bundled fare options.

Onboard, Norse Atlantic presents an array of purchasable extras, including comfort kits, earbuds, and blankets. The ULCC philosophy extends to the in-flight menu, where everything, beyond the warm meal included in specific fares, comes at an additional cost.

The Premium cabin, however, distinguishes itself by offering two complimentary drinks. The menu features a modest selection of spirits, mixers, wine, and beer, with light meals and snacks available for purchase at affordable rates.

While the food and drink offerings may not be a primary draw, they provide reasonable options for budget-conscious travelers seeking sustenance during the journey. Passengers with Economy Light fares may buy items from the light meals section, such as vegetable noodles or pasta fusilli.

The onboard purchasing process is seamless, with swift transactions facilitated by credit card payments. A straightforward tap and a printed receipt process within seconds allow passengers to acquire additional amenities, such as sparkling wine.

Norse Atlantic’s ULCC model ensures that passengers have the flexibility to pay for the extras they value, making it an appealing choice for those prioritizing cost-effectiveness while retaining the option to tailor their in-flight experience according to personal preferences.

Seats and Baggage

Being an international airline doesn’t guarantee that Norse includes a carry-on or checked bag with its fares.

When considering Norse Atlantic flights, particularly for the current and upcoming year, careful attention is required, especially in the realm of seats and baggage. The fare you choose significantly influences your overall cost, so it’s crucial to understand the inclusions and potential additional expenses associated with each option.

While the basic fares are exceptionally low, such as a remarkable $166 for a transatlantic flight or a tempting $271 for Premium Economy, it’s essential to scrutinize what these prices encompass. Opting for Classic or Plus Economy fares ensures that baggage is included, but if you lean towards a Light fare, be cautious of the extra baggage fees that may apply.

Baggage fees can be a considerable factor, with a $70 charge for a checked bag and $35 for a carry-on. Calculating the overall cost, particularly when considering an Economy Light fare with additional bags, is advised to avoid unexpected expenses.

In terms of seat selection, Norse Atlantic imposes additional charges, ranging from approximately $20 for a back-row middle seat to as much as $100 for premium choices. The seat selection process is user-friendly, providing a clear display of rows and corresponding prices, allowing passengers to make informed choices based on their preferences and budget.

Personal experiences, such as securing an aisle seat for $35 in row 28 or observing empty $100 seats that were later occupied by post-takeoff upgrades, highlight the dynamics of seat costs and availability.

In navigating the Norse Atlantic booking process, it is paramount to conduct a thorough evaluation of the fare class and add-ons that align with your preferences and financial

considerations. This diligence ensures a comprehensive understanding of the overall

costs associated with your chosen options, helping you make informed decisions that balance affordability with desired amenities.

Norse Atlantic Airways Reviews and Customer Reception

norse atlantic airways reviews


You might be wondering what it is like flying with Norse Atlantic Airways. How did things work out for passengers who had to report to the check-in desks upon arrival during peak travel season? Customer Norse Atlantic Airways reviews and feedback about the flights reveal a mixed sentiment regarding the airline’s services. One recurring theme in Norse Atlantic Airways reviews is the challenging logistics experienced by passengers during peak travel times.

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the check-in process at certain airports, notably at New York City’s JFK.

Long lines, confusion, and delays have been reported, with instances of passengers, even in the Premium cabin, being directed to regular lines for check-in. The absence of a streamlined process and a limited number of agents have exacerbated these issues. Luckily, Norse Atlantic Airways permits online check-in before your flight departure, ensuring a convenient and swift experience at the airport.

The need for an agreement with TSA PreCheck has also drawn criticism, as passengers, regardless of their enrollment in expedited security programs, face the inconvenience of traditional security procedures. On a positive note, the check-in experience at London Gatwick Airport is described as more organized and efficient, showcasing a dedicated priority line and a smooth boarding process.

However, some inconsistency is noted, with the overall customer experience at JFK falling short of expectations. Norse Atlantic Airways reviews suggest that the use of digital boarding passes could alleviate these challenges, emphasizing the need for streamlined processes and improvements in the airline’s operational efficiency.

Amidst these operational considerations, as Norse Atlantic continues to grow, passengers consistently praise the in-flight experience with Norse Atlantic. Notably, interactions with flight attendants receive positive acclaim, contributing to an overall favorable impression of the airline’s service. Passengers have commended the professionalism, attentiveness, and friendly demeanor of the flight attendants, citing their efforts to ensure passenger comfort and address individual needs.

This positive aspect of the travel experience with Norse Atlantic adds a favorable dimension, highlighting the dedication of the cabin crew to providing excellent service amid operational challenges.

Booking Tips

Booking affordable flights with Norse Atlantic has become even more accessible, thanks to the airline’s integration with Google Flights. Initially exclusive to the site, all Norse Atlantic fares are now conveniently listed on Google Flights, allowing travelers to compare them with those of other airlines easily.

Once you’ve identified your preferred dates and fares, selecting the “Book with Norse Atlantic” option will redirect you to, where the booking process unfolds.

It’s crucial to note that the initially displayed Norse fare on Google Flights represents the barebones option, excluding additional fees for baggage and seat selection. To avoid unexpected increases in the total cost, prospective passengers should be mindful of these potential extras during the booking journey.

Google Flights simplifies the search process, presenting the lowest available fares for each date and cabin class. Clicking on the blue fare buttons provides a detailed breakdown of what each fare includes, aiding travelers in making informed decisions about their chosen class.

Upon selecting a fare class, the booking process involves navigating through pages for baggage selection, seat selection, and other extras. It’s important to recognize that the cost of these add-ons can vary based on the chosen fare class, with seat selection starting at $20 one-way, for example.

Notably, Norse Atlantic now offers the option of connecting flights with partner airlines, allowing passengers to seamlessly extend their travel within Europe on Norwegian or connect domestically in the U.S. with carriers like Spirit Airlines.

Once the booking is complete, a confirmation email with all necessary details is promptly received. In most Norse Atlantic Airways reviews, passengers report that managing reservations with this airline is a straightforward and efficient process. Travelers can easily modify assigned seats, providing flexibility to choose less crowded sections or opt for seats toward the front of the plane.

The overall booking experience empowers passengers to find ultra-cheap fares to Europe while ensuring transparency about potential additional fees. As Norse Atlantic continues to refine its offerings, utilizing these booking tips can enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your travel experience with the airline.

Final Thoughts

Norse Atlantic Airways emerges as a formidable player in the realm of Economy intercontinental carriers, providing an enticing option for budget-conscious travelers seeking transatlantic journeys, whether it is to Paris (CDG) or Los Angeles (LAX).

The airline’s commitment to ultra-affordable fares, with Economy tickets as low as $166 or even less, positions it as one of the most cost-effective choices for those traversing between the United States and Europe. While the onboard experience may lack some of the frills associated with traditional carriers, it proves to be more than satisfactory for the price paid. Norse Atlantic’s dedication to transparency in its pricing model allows passengers to tailor their travel experience, making informed decisions about additional fees for baggage and seat selection.

As the airline establishes its presence and navigates the complexities of the aviation industry, it is poised to become a go-to choice for savvy travelers seeking a balance between cost and comfort on transatlantic routes.

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