-Is Matt’s Flights free to join?
Yes, Matt’s Flights offers a free subscription that gives you the best deals on airline tickets both domestically and internationally. I also offer a Premium subscription option that provides additional benefits and perks for those who want ALL of the deals that I have to offer. For more information you can click here.

-How do you find such cheap flights?
I have dedicated my most valuable resource, time, to be able to look non-stop for cheap flight deals and airline mistakes. I spend many many hours on the computer constantly seeking out great deals for my subscribers so that they don’t have to!

-What countries do most of your deals depart from?
Right now I primarily focus on providing deals that depart from the United States. I offer both international and domestic deals.

-Do you offer deals from airports near me?
Yes, as a premium subscriber you get to select the airports that you’d like to receive deals from.

-Can you assist me in finding cheap deals to specific destinations?
Of course. I am only an e-mail away from helping you vacation to your dream destinations for fractions of the true cost 🙂

-How many emails will I receive?
You will only receive e-mails when the flight deals I find are just too good that it would be a disservice to not share them with you. As a premium member you can expect around 20-30 per month.

-Is my credit card information safe if I join your Premium service?
Yes! Your information is 100% safe and secure. I use an SSL for security protection and process payments via Stripe (similar to PayPal).