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Southwest Flight Schedule

Southwest Flight Schedule: Plan Ahead and Book Your Summer 2024 Getaway

Southwest Airlines is one of the most beloved names among travelers who want to visit new destinations for a price that’s not as eye-watering in comparison to other airlines. 

This budget airline offers flights to over 100 destinations across 42 states in the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. 

They operate a point-to-point system with focus cities, preferring to use secondary airports in some major cities for cost efficiency. Southwest’s busiest airports include Denver International Airport, Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, and Chicago’s Midway International Airport. Their international service, which began in 2014, includes destinations like Aruba, Montego Bay, Nassau, Belize City, and several others in the Caribbean and Central America​​.

When it comes to booking for the upcoming year, Southwest Airlines has just made this easier by extending its booking calendar, now allowing reservations all the way through early October 2024. This early-bird opportunity could lead to substantial savings, whether you’re spending cash or using Southwest Rapid Rewards points.

Unlike other airlines that typically open bookings 11 months in advance, Southwest adopts a unique approach. The Southwest flight schedule is in phases, usually spanning seven to nine months ahead. Until recently, Southwest’s calendar was limited to early August. However, in a thrilling update, the airline has expanded its horizon, presenting flight options through October 2, 2024. This means those eagerly anticipating summer or early fall getaways can now secure their Southwest flights well ahead of time.

For those feeling tentative about booking so far in advance, Southwest offers a comforting solution. With their flexible policy, you can modify or cancel bookings without a hitch, ensuring peace of mind. In addition, the airline recently introduced the ‘Wanna Get Away Plus’ fare, which includes a one-time option to transfer travel credits to someone else – a handy feature for those unexpected plan changes.

So, get ready to embark on an exhilarating travel destination with the up-and-coming Southwest Airlines schedule, packed with breathtaking destinations without a heavy price tag.

Booking Strategy

Let’s share one sad fact right off the bat. Southwest Airlines cannot be found on Google Flights. And while this is not a major inconvenience as they offer a super intuitive calendar on their own website, those who are partial to Google Flights might feel left out.

Still, for those who have flexibility on their side, you can leverage the Southwest Airlines calendar and plan your fare up to 11 months in advance but more on that later.

Southwest Flight Schedule

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Exploring Southwest Fares and their Flexible Policies

Southwest Airlines is known for its customer-friendly and flexible policies, which have been a significant factor in its popularity, especially among families. In 2023, Southwest continued to uphold its reputation for flexibility, although there have been some changes to its fee structure.

Key aspects of Southwest’s flexible policies as of 2023 include:

  1. Two free checked bags: Southwest Airlines maintains its policy of allowing passengers to check two bags for free, subject to weight and size limits.
  2. No change or cancellation fees: Unlike most airlines, one of the most notable policies of Southwest is the absence of change or cancellation fees. If a customer needs to change an upcoming flight itinerary, they will only pay the cost in fare difference. It’s important to note, however, that failure to cancel a reservation at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure may result in forfeited flight credits.
  3. Family boarding process: Recognized for its family-friendly services, Southwest offers a family boarding process, making it more convenient for families traveling together. 
  4. Companion pass: Chase points and bring a friend! Southwest Companion Pass lets you bring a companion for free on flights booked with Southwest points or purchased tickets. Qualify by completing 100 trips or earning 135,000 points in a calendar year. This pass extends throughout the following year, offering substantial savings, excluding minimal taxes and fees. It’s a rewarding perk for frequent flyers, enhancing travel experiences with a chosen companion.
  5. Inflight entertainment: Southwest provides family-friendly content for free on its Inflight Entertainment Portal, where available.

Cost-Saving Tips With the Southwest Low Fare Calendar

Going back to the Southwest calendar, here, you can view the entire Southwest flight schedule revealing the cheapest Southwest flight dates by month. 

Given that Southwest Airlines is not featured on Google Flights, having such a tool really saves those who are partial to this carrier. All in all, starting January 1, travelers can easily snag the best deals on summer flights or even book Thanksgiving flights way in advance to save money and allocate more funds for presents.

Plus, for those who love carriers that offer flexible canceling policies, Southwest offers just that. You can cancel booked flights and you will receive a voucher which can be used later.

Future Planning With Southwest Flight Schedule

With Southwest Airlines reservations for flights extending to November 2024, it’s the perfect time to start mapping out the destination for your vacation. 

And while the usual routes of Southwest Airlines are as attractive as ever, there are new routes well worth exploring.

  1. Orlando International Airport (MCO): Starting in June 2024, Southwest will introduce six new international routes from Orlando to Cancun, Grand Cayman, Nassau, Providenciales (Turks and Caicos), Punta Cana, and San José, Costa Rica.
  2. Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR): In June 2024, daily flights will begin to Boise, Kansas City, New Orleans, San Antonio, and St. Louis.
  3. Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL): New Saturday-only seasonal services will be available to Buffalo, Fresno, Providence, and Spokane, beginning June 4.
  4. Other additions include routes from Nashville to Bozeman and Grand Rapids, from Colorado Springs to Baltimore/Washington, from Columbus to Kansas City and San Diego, and more.

These new routes offer a wide range of travel options, whether you’re interested in beach vacations, city explorations, or nature adventures​.

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Southwest is one of the best airlines that offer budget-friendly flights and that’s why they have established themselves in the industry and among travelers.

So, go ahead, open the Southwest Airlines Flight Schedule online and make those summer vacation plans, or visit your favorite state when the flowers start to blossom. 

Remember that Southwest Airlines book flight options are only available through their site and that none of their flights show up on Google Flights.

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