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The Ultimate Guide to Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees: Fly Smart and Save with Frontier

Among those who strive to explore each nook and cranny of the Americas, Frontier Airlines is a household name. This airline, established in 1950, offers incredibly cheap fares, piquing the interest of travelers exploring on a budget. But, like all “budget airlines,” they can make flyers pay exorbitant amounts on baggage fees.

In comparison to other airlines, for instance, JetBlue, Frontier baggage fees are the priciest; in a study conducted by NerdWallet, Frontier finished last, making them the most expensive option. And for those who frequently fly, these baggage fees are quite significant. But that’s not all. With this airline, you have to pay for everything.

So even if they are offering dirt-cheap flights, everything that’s considered extra comes with additional charges unless you purchase a bundle. Let’s explore all of the baggage fees for Frontier Airlines and share some strategies with you on how you can save money.

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Frontier Airlines Carry-On Baggage Fees

With Frontier Airlines, passengers can take advantage of overhead compartment space for their carry-on bags, provided the baggage aligns with their specific size and weight guidelines. 

But there’s a small caveat. The fees for carry-on bags are a bit higher than for checked bags. Sometimes, carrying your bag with you can set you back a couple of dollars, or the applied fees can be exactly the same, so it might be just better to check your bags if you don’t want to carry both a carry-on and an additional bag.

Every penny saved is a penny earned, and if you can check your bags, why not save a few dollars?

Understanding the Essentials of Traveling Light With Frontier

Those who love a quick domestic flight will fall in love with Frontier. The prices are staggeringly low, and if you opt to travel light, you can find fares for as low as $20. Frontier Airlines also offers special deals, and you can sign up for the Discount Den membership to enjoy flying cheaper and even receive a voucher of $50.

So, if traveling light with just a backpack on your shoulders is your style, it’s safe to say that Frontier can be the best carrier for your needs.

Unveiling the  Carry-on Baggage Fees

The cost for a carry-on bag with Frontier Airlines is around $54 per direction when added online. If you add baggage before check-in, a minor increase of a couple of dollars is applied. However, waiting until the last moment to pay for your carry-on at the departure gate can skyrocket the price to $99.

The wise approach is to plan ahead and pay for your carry-on online to enjoy savings. Utilize Frontier’s convenient online bag-fee checker to quickly determine the exact costs you’ll need to pay. 

Here’s how this useful tool looks: 

Carry-on Dimensions: Weight and Size Restrictions

The size of a carry-on must not exceed 24″ H x 16″ W x 10″ D, and the weight must be less than 35 pounds, including handles, wheels, and straps. If your bag is heavier than 35 pounds or exceeds these dimensions, you must check your baggage, which is not a bad thing as it can sometimes be cheaper.

Packing Efficiently to Avoid Additional Costs

If you want to avoid the Frontier charge for both a carry-on and a checked bag, you can try to pack everything in one carry-on. To effectively achieve this, instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them to maximize space and reduce wrinkling. 

Consider utilizing packing cubes to organize and compress your items further. Opt for versatile, mix-and-match clothing options that can be combined in various ways, allowing you to create different outfits without overpacking. This approach not only saves space but also adds flexibility to your wardrobe, reducing the need to bring an excessive amount of clothes on your trip.

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Travel Light, Travel Smart: Complimentary Baggage on Frontier Airlines

Regardless of your flight route, all Frontier fares allow passengers to carry personal items. What is considered a personal item by Frontier standards is a bag or backpack that does not exceed the following parameters: 18 inches in width, 14 inches in height, and 8 inches in depth.

Before heading to the airport, ensure that your personal items meet the requirements; otherwise, you might end up paying $99 at the gate.

Is It Possible to Maximize Your Baggage Allowance Without Extra Costs?

Sadly, Frontier is one of those airlines that requires you to pay for every perk you enjoy on their flight, whether that is bringing along your furry friend or wanting to carry an extra bag for your trip.

What you can do, though, is travel light and ensure that you have everything you need in your bag that’s classified as a personal item or stick to one very-well-packed carry-on bag.

You can also opt to purchase a specialty fare or, as Frontier calls them, bundles. The perk bundle includes various benefits, such as a carry-on bag, checked bag, and seat selection. Or, if you opt to purchase the Works bundle, you can enjoy elite perks. But more on that later.

Furry Flyers: Pet Travel with Frontier Airlines

Frontier allows pets such as cats, household birds, guinea pigs, and dogs on board. However, those who love insects or large birds will have to skip flying with this airline.

There are, of course, fees that apply for bringing pets on board.

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Guidelines and Fees for Traveling With Your Four-Legged Companions

If you want to bring your pet on board, it will cost you $99 per direction. If you haven’t paid when booking your flight, you can do that when you check in your pet. And if you are partial to the entrance and exit rows, sadly, this is not an option, as Frontier prohibits travelers with pets from choosing those seats.

In addition to that, make sure you contact the pet transport department of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure that you have all the right certification and vaccination requirements.

Ensuring a Comfortable Journey For Your Pets

Some pets can get anxious on a flight. Therefore, you have to ensure that, for the duration of the flight, your furry friend is comfortable and anxiety-free.

The first thing you should do is consult your veterinarian. They might recommend certain calming medications or supplements. The other vital step you can take to ensure your pet has the most wonderful time on a flight is to find a well-ventilated and comfortable carrier and familiarize your pet with it well before taking off.

On the flight, make sure that your pet has easy access to water and some tasty treats.

Frontier Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines has a 40-pound maximum weight limit. Other airlines allow checked baggage of up to 50 pounds.

When flying with Frontier, you absolutely have to find the right bags and ensure they do not exceed 40 pounds. For a single trip, checking a 40-pound bag while booking your flight will cost you nothing short of $54.

The fees skyrocket as the day of departure looms. Before check-in, there’s an increase in the fee from $54 to $63. At check-in, the price is the same as long as you are using the mobile app or the web page; however, at the airport check-in counter, prices are significantly higher ($79). And if you want to check your bags at the boarding gate, prepare to pay $99 per bag.

Diving Into the Details of Checked Baggage Rules

On Frontier, there are strict checked baggage policies. To ensure you know just how much you need to pay per person and direction, you can navigate to the bag price-checker tool. Here, you can search bag prices and fees for an existing trip or for a trip you are planning.

For those who want to check additional baggage, the fee is $73. For a third bag, you will have to fork out $95 as long as you are checking online during your flight booking process. Otherwise, before check-in, the price for a third bag is a whopping $103.

Bear in mind adding a second or third bag at the gate is not allowed when flying with almost all airlines, and Frontier is one of them.  

Weight and Size Limits for Checked Bags

When traveling with Frontier, it’s imperative to pick the right bag. On Frontier, bags over 100 pounds are not allowed, so make sure you carefully weigh your bag to avoid problems. There are also size limits for checked bags. 

On Frontier Airlines, the total linear dimensions of any bag must not exceed 62 inches, encompassing the combined measurements of length, width, and height.

Beyond the Basics: Special Items and Additional Services

For those who want to bring special items on board, such as firearms and sports equipment, Frontier has them covered.

Exploring Extra Items and Services Offered by Frontier Airlines

If passengers want to check firearms on Frontier Airlines flights, certain rules must be adhered to. First, they must ensure the firearm is unloaded and declared to the customer service agents. After that, they must store their firearms in hard-sided containers.

It’s also worth mentioning that checked Frontier baggage fees apply to firearms, and you can also bring 11 pounds of ammunition.

Musicians who are jetting off can also bring along their instruments as carry-ons as long as they fit in the overhead bins. Or if they do not, they can always add them to their checked baggage. Of course, regular fees apply, and there’s even a trick. For those who want to take their instrument on board, they can purchase an extra seat for the instrument. This is incredibly effective for musicians who are playing large instruments, such as an acoustic bass.

And for sports fanatics, it allows all kinds of equipment on their flights, from golfing to skiing and fishing equipment. And while some airlines don’t allow antlers, Frontier does, but of course, for a fee of $100.

Bicycles are also allowed as checked baggage as long as the pedals are removed, the handlebar is fixed sideways, and the bike itself is stored in a protective case. For more detailed information regarding special items such as firearms, sports equipment, and others, make sure to visit the official Frontier website to view the fees for optional services.

Fees for Transporting Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments, and More

The fees for these special items are the same as for normal baggage. If you want to bring an instrument with you as a carry-on, a carry-on fee will be applied. Or, if you want to bring along your bicycle, it will count as checked baggage, and the regular fee will apply.

Strategies to Minimize Frontier Baggage Fees

While Frontier fees are pretty straightforward, and each perk you want to enjoy will require a payment, there are certain strategies you can follow to minimize how much you pay for your entire trip.

Making Informed Decisions to Reduce Baggage Expenses

When you are done packing, you want to be absolutely sure the weight of your bag does not exceed 40 pounds. Otherwise, you can prepare yourself to pay those overweight baggage fees.

If you are planning to fly with just a carry-on, make sure to check it as you are booking the flight for maximum savings. The same applies to checked baggage. And if you are planning on fitting everything in your personal item, find a backpack that meets the requirements. 

Benefits of Prepaying for Baggage

The benefits of paying for your baggage while booking your flight are not always that significant, but every penny adds up, especially if you fly regularly. Being able to save around $20 is pretty neat, and not worrying whether you can add an extra bag or two is an additional bonus.

This is why we always recommend that all travelers pay for their baggage online before the day of departure comes. 

Opting for Specialty Fare Options

As mentioned previously, Frontier offers fantastic specialty fares in bundles. The Works bundle option offers the most benefits, such as seat selection, a carry-on bag, a checked bag, a 100% refund, and priority boarding.

This is beloved by those who are frequent travelers and want to ensure they enjoy all of the elite benefits Frontier has to offer. The board first perk even allows travelers to board without having to wait in line with other passengers. However, this bundle can be purchased during your initial booking process on the Frontiers site.

The Perks bundle can be purchased anytime, and it grants travelers the ability to pick their seats, take a carry-on bag, and check a bag without paying fees. However, the ability to refund a flight is not available with this bundle.

Unlocking the Free Baggage Hack: Insider Tips

Unless you are planning to cram everything in your personal item bag, there is only one way to book your baggage for free on Frontier, and that is to provide military documentation.

By providing valid military documentation, active duty status military members are exempt from all the Frontier baggage fees. This can include both carry-on and checked bags, depending on the specific policy at the time of travel. This benefit is a way for Frontier Airlines to show appreciation and support for those who serve in the armed forces.

It recognizes the unique travel needs of military personnel, who may be traveling for deployment, returning home, relocating, or simply traveling for pleasure. 

Fly Smart, Save Big with Frontier Airlines

Choosing Frontier Airlines is a surefire way to save money on flights. They offer wonderful cheap tickets to the most popular destinations in the United States, and they also fly to destinations such as Cuba and the Bahamas.

While the airline’s low fares are a major draw, the potential costs associated with baggage fees can be quite high and discourage some from booking a flight with Frontier. To that end, familiarize yourself with the baggage pricing and what kind of fees apply to the different baggage types.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees: FAQs

Frontier Baggage Fees: Is There a Way To Pay Less?

Yes, there is. The sooner you check your baggage, the more you can save. If you wait longer, you will end up paying more.

What Documentation Do Active Military Members Need To Provide To Enjoy a Flight Without Paying For Baggage?

Active duty military members must provide a Common Access Card if they want to avoid the Frontier baggage fees.

What Are the Size and Weight Limits for a Carry-On Item With Frontier Airlines, and How Do They Differ From Checked Baggage?

Frontier Airlines has specific size and weight limits for both carry-on baggage and checked baggage.

Carry-On Baggage:

  • Size: The maximum size for carry-on baggage must not exceed 24 inches in height, 16 inches in width, and 10 inches in depth.
  • Weight: The weight restriction for carry-on baggage is under 35 pounds, including handles, wheels, and straps.

Checked Baggage:

  • Size: Checked bags must have a combined total of 62 linear inches across all dimensions (length, width, and height).
  • Weight: The weight limit for checked baggage is no more than 40 pounds.

What Is Frontier Airlines’ Policy on Traveling With Pets, and What Are the Associated Fees and Guidelines?

The Frontier Airline policies are very strict regarding traveling with pets, and associated fees are also applied. Travelers need to pay a fee of $99 per direction and ensure their pet is in an approved carrier. 

What Are Frontier Airlines’ Policies and Fees for Traveling with Special Items like Firearms, Musical Instruments, and Sports Equipment?

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to travel with special items such as firearms, musical instruments, and sports equipment, subject to specific guidelines:

  • Firearms: Must be unloaded, declared to customer service agents, and stored in hard-sided containers. Checked baggage fees apply, and passengers can also bring 11 pounds of ammunition.
  • Musical Instruments: These can be brought as carry-ons if they fit in overhead bins or as checked baggage with regular fees. For large instruments, passengers can purchase an extra seat.
  • Sports Equipment: Items like golfing, fishing, skiing equipment, and bicycles are allowed as checked baggage. Bicycles must have pedals removed and handlebars fixed sideways, stored in a protective case.
  • Antlers: Allowed for a fee of $100.

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