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How Matt’s Flights Saves Travelers Millions on Flights, For Free

Technology has made it easier for us to travel and experience life at scale, to explore uncharted territories and learn more about the world. Travel deals however, are getting harder and harder to find.

That’s where Matt’s Flights comes in.

In 2017, Matt Guidice discovered that he had a talent for searching and hacking flight deals. Matt had spent the previous 5 years flying around the world for over 50% off of flights and he decided that he wanted to share his incredible travel finds with the world.

Matt’s Flights was born! Matt envisioned a free email service where he would send out emails to his followers each week of the best deals he could find. He also wanted a way to give away more flights and travel sweepstakes than any other person on the internet.

To date Matt’s Flights has saved travelers over $1,000,000 and has helped 500,000+ people find better travel deals.

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Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a dreamer or a summer vacation artist, Matt’s Flights will not only save you up to 65% on all your flights, but will also send you weekly giveaways on roundtrip flights around the world, for free, all you have to do is sign up.

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“I started Matt’s Flights because travel has had such a profound positive effect on my life that it was only right to find a way to help more people get that same outcome. Since graduating college at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) I have been travel hacking my way through 30+ countries and 25 states.” -Matt Guidice

So how exactly does Matt’s Flights find these amazing flight deals? The old fashioned way, Matt spends hours a day scouring the internet looking for mistake fares (after so long, Matt knows exactly how much the prices normally are, so he can spot a deal instantly), discounts, flight sales and other amazing deals.

Matt puts the time into flight search, so his subscribers don’t have to. It’s that simple!

So how does Matt’s Flights make money if it’s a free service you may ask? Well, as a company founded to help travelers save more money, Matt’s Flights also has a premium flight deal service for travelers who want to save even more money.

If you’re someone who truly hates searching for flights and you want Matt to actually search and find deals for your upcoming travel, Matt’s Flight’s Premium is for you!

Try it free for two-weeks here and get unlimited access to Matt’s insane flight-hacking skills as well as a host of other benefits (see all benefits of Premium Membership here)

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The bottom line is finding a good travel deal is getting harder and harder every day, and instead of wasting your time searching every day, sign up to Matt’s Flights for free, and let Matt and his team send you incredible flight deals, and fantastic online travel giveaways directly to your inbox. You’ll save money, and maybe win a trip or two as well! See you on the plane!

About Matt’s Flights:

Matt’s Flights is a free flight deal finder that was started by Matt, a long time traveler who constantly seeks new adventures (and spends too many hours daily finding super cheap flights for family and friends).

With a little encouragement from those closest to him, he started Matt’s Flights to provide the world with great airline deals delivered straight to their email inbox.

Subscribers get to take vacations they never dreamed of taking for a fraction of the average standard costs.

Matt’s Flights is also one of the largest travel giveaway providers in the world, offering more than 1 new roundtrip flight giveaway per week to subscribers.

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