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Delray Beach, Florida (January 8th, 2018) – While almost everyone agrees that vacations are fun, the process of finding flights can present a challenge for even the most seasoned travelers. To help people never search for flights ever again, has launched its exclusive one-on-one airfare assistance within Matt’s Premium service, which allows subscribers personal access to Matt and his Matt’s Flights team to run custom airfare searches to fit their individual travel needs.

Travelers may be wondering if now is a good time to embark on a trip to Barcelona or Bali, and the answer looks to be a resounding ‘YES!’

“There’s never been a better time to travel to your favorite destinations,” said Brandon Ribak, COO of Matt’s Flights. “Our top priority is helping the masses discover cheap airfare, and realizing that you really can travel to your dream locations for fractions of the true cost.”

Matt and his team currently service over 500,000 happy subscribers, many of which are signed up to Matt’s Premium. With the Premium service, you get access to exclusive deals and round-trip ticket giveaways that aren’t offered to free subscribers.

“At Matt’s Flights, we are dedicated to helping members with all of their airfare needs – including inspiring them to travel by helping them find the perfect vacation spots anywhere in the world,” said Matt Guidice, CEO of Matt’s Flights. “I started the company with dreams of simply offering cheap airfare to family and friends, but it’s turned into something so much more. It’s now my mission to provide cheap airfare to over 5 million subscribers within the next few years.”

To date, Matt’s Flights has given away over 1,000 free round-trip tickets to subscribers through their giveaways that are offered a few times per month. Once Matt’s Flights customers find that perfect airfare and timeframe to travel that suits their schedule they book or reserve flights for themselves. Matt’s Flights does not make a commission on the flights but look to strictly find the cheapest flight possible for their subscribers. The company’s goal is simple – to help people travel to the world’s best destinations but for the lowest airfare.

“Matt’s Flights is dedicated to helping make travel not only more enjoyable, but more meaningful as well, so it was an easy decision to include our personal one-on-one airfare assistance within our Premium service,” said Brandon Ribak. “Relaxation, fun, and the opportunity to learn about unique local cultures are high on the list of what travelers want in a vacation. By traveling to places like Barcelona and Bali for only a few hundred dollars round-trip, travelers can check all of these boxes, while knowing that they are not going to break the piggy bank.”

Owner and Co-Founder of Matt’s Flights is Matt Guidice who has a vision for the company over the next 5 years. “Our mission over the next 5 years is to educate as many people as possible that they can travel the world for only a fraction of the cost. Our Premium Subscribers get direct access to our team in order to run personalized custom searches upon receiving information that catches their eye. Literally, when becoming a member of our Premium platform, they will never have to search for airfare ever again.”

As an avid expert traveler over the past decade with a passion for culinary tourism worldwide, Matt loves to explain basic tips that travelers can learn from him about airfare, “If you are presented with a great deal on air travel, book it ASAP. Travel is the one thing you can buy than makes you richer. Educate yourself on the departing airport also. The more you know about which airlines fly in and out, schedules and seasons the easier it will be to get a fantastic deal. Lastly, be conscious of travel time and try to have some flexibility in travel timeframes.”

Travelers can sign up to Matt’s Premium service through a 14 day Free Trial by clicking here.

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Final: January 8th, 2018