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How to Use Google Flights Price Alerts for Seamless Travel Planning

Flight prices are fickle, and you can never know how they can fluctuate with each passing day. While we are at it, we can all agree that checking for prices every other minute is boring. Luckily for those who love traveling but hate monitoring each price fluctuation, Google has come up with a brilliant solution—Google Flights.

Google Flights has become the best tool for those with a great passion for traveling as it allows them to find information ranging from the cheapest hotel options to the best routes to the most popular landmarks. And to top it all off, you can find the cheapest flight options with a single search.

This search engine has loads of features, but the one that takes the spotlight today is the Google Flights price alerts feature.

Yes, it’s true; you can use Google Flights to track all the flights you have set your eyes on and get informed when the prices dip, setting you up for an incredible money-saving and strategic travel journey.

Let’s explore how you can enjoy the benefits of this Google Flights feature to the fullest with our guide.

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What are Google Flights Alerts?

The Google Flights price alerts tracker is a savvy traveler’s secret weapon for snagging the best deals on airfare. Imagine you’re planning a trip and have your heart set on a specific destination. You’ve been eyeing the prices, but they’re just a tiny bit above your budget. Google Flights keeps a watchful eye on the prices for you.

Here’s how it works: You can use Google Flights to set up an alert for your chosen route, including specific departure and return dates, or opt for flexible dates if your schedule allows. Once this is done, Google Flights takes over the monitoring process. 

When there’s a change in the price of your selected flight, be it an increase or a decrease, Google Flights alerts you with an email notification. This way, you’re always in the loop and can make an informed decision on the best time to book. It’s important to note, however, that these alerts aren’t always instant. There might be a slight delay, but it’s still a handy feature for those looking to save money. ​

Why and When Should You Set Up the Google Flights Price Alerts Tracker?

Why should you consider setting up a Google Flights price alert? Let’s debunk some common myths first. You might have heard that flight prices drop down on specific days, like Tuesdays, or that browsing in incognito mode fetches better deals. Well, these are more fiction than fact. The reality is that flight pricing is a complex dance of variables; there’s no predictable best day to book a flight. Airline flash sales, the duration of sales, and price hikes are as unpredictable as the weather.

Demand, airline competition, and even global events have more of an impact on flight prices than specific days of the week. It’s nearly a game of chance to guess when airlines will lower their prices. The best strategy? Flexibility. By not locking yourself into fixed dates, you open up a world of possibilities for grabbing those elusive flight deals when they appear.

Here’s where Google Flights alerts come into play. If you’re not in a position to wait indefinitely for a good deal, setting up an alert can be a game-changer. It’s like having a vigilant lookout, keeping an eye on prices for your specific dates and destinations. When prices dip, you’ll get a notification, allowing you to book at just the right moment.

Setting up The Google Flights Price Alerts Tracker Feature

Despite the platform’s lengthy feature list, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by it. Its interface is super user-friendly, and everyone can navigate its features with ease.

But to ensure a seamless experience, we compiled a step-by-step tutorial you can follow to ensure all of the flights that look appealing to you are tracked.

Open Google Flights, and let’s start.

Step 1: Enter Your Trip Information.

When you begin setting up Google Flights Alerts, the first step is to enter the basic details of your trip. This includes selecting your origin and destination airports, seat options, travel dates, and whether you are booking round-trip or one-way tickets.

You’ll also need to specify the number of travelers and choose the class you want to fly in, such as economy or business. It’s important to input this information accurately, as it directly influences the relevance and accuracy of the price alerts you will receive.

Accurate information ensures that the alerts are tailored to your specific travel requirements and preferences. ​

Step 2: Choose Your Flight Filters

After entering your basic route or flight name information and hitting the search button, you’ll be presented with various flight options. This is where you can apply additional filters to refine your search and tailor it to your specific needs.

These filters include the number of bags included, the number of stops, different airline options you prefer or want to avoid, preferred flight times, and the exclusion of flights with long layovers. 

Choosing the right filters is fundamental, as Google Flights will only send you alerts for flights that match the selected criteria. Therefore, well-chosen filters not only refine your search results but also ensure that you receive accurate and relevant price alerts. ​

Step 3: Click the “Track Prices” toggle button.

The final step in setting up your Google Flights price tracker and alerts is activating the price tracking feature. After filtering your flight options, you will see an option to “track prices” displayed prominently. Clicking this toggle turns on price tracking for the specific flight and route you have chosen. Note that you must have a Gmail account to receive these alerts. By enabling this feature, you agree to receive notifications via email whenever there’s a significant price change (increase or decrease) for the flights you are interested in.

This step is straightforward yet crucial as it initiates the tracking process, keeping you informed about a flight’s price and changes and helping you make timely decisions to secure the best deals. Remember, the alerts will be based on the filters you have set, ensuring that you only get notified about the flights that meet your specified criteria. ​

As you can see, by clicking on the slider, you can track flights and prices for either a certain date (the dates that are displayed can be changed in their respective fields as outlined above) or simply track them without selecting specific dates. 

This is perfect for those who want to book their flights whenever possible and jet off on new adventures instantly.

How It All Works

Google Flights operates as a sophisticated flight search engine, primarily gathering data through two key methods. Firstly, it establishes direct connections with airlines, allowing access to real-time pricing information. This partnership with airlines ensures that users are presented with accurate and up-to-date prices. Secondly, Google Flights forms partnerships with online travel agency (OTA) sites, aggregating data from these platforms to provide users with a comprehensive view of available flights and pricing options.

In addition to these data sources, Google Flights utilizes advanced predictive algorithms to analyze historical flight data and estimate future prices for tracked flights. Whenever there’s a price fluctuation for flights to a particular destination you have chosen to track, you will receive a convenient email notifying you directly. Bear in mind that you will have to be logged in with a Gmail account to enjoy this benefit.

And on top of that, you can book cheap flights straight from Google. Find a flight that interests you, click on it, and you will be presented with booking options as presented below.

Checking Price History With The Comprehensive Google Flights Tracker Feature

An invaluable feature of Google Flights is its price history tracking. This function displays a graph showing the changes in pricing for the specific flights you’re tracking. This graphical representation of tracked prices allows you to observe and analyze the pricing trends for your chosen destination, helping you make data-informed decisions about the best time to book your next flight.

For instance, tracking prices for a flight for over 100 days can reveal the lowest prices during that period, enabling you to anticipate future price drops and book accordingly. ​

Here’s how the price graph on Google Flights looks:

Just by hovering over the bars, you can view the exact price of a flight for a specific date you are interested in. You can also use the filter to fine-tune your preferences. Whether you are planning a round, one way, one day, or a longer trip, the filters are your friend.

Here’s a reminder of where you can find them on Google Flights:

Strategic Post-Booking Flight Price Management

Even after employing this valuable flight price tracker, it’s wise to remain vigilant about price changes. The pandemic brought about significant changes in airline policies, with major U.S. airlines eliminating change fees on most flights. 

This ongoing flexibility allows travelers to modify, cancel, and rebook their flights when fares decrease, turning potential price drops into savings through airline vouchers or travel credits.

Key Steps for Effective Post-Booking Price Monitoring:

  1. Ticket type matters: Ensure you purchase at least a main cabin economy ticket, as most basic economy fares lack flexibility for changes or cancellations.
  2. Responsive rebooking strategy: Upon receiving an alert about a price drop, take immediate action. You can choose to rebook your flight at the lower price or cancel your existing reservation in exchange for a voucher, then rebook using that voucher.
  3. Maximize travel credits: The difference in fare often results in a voucher or airline credit, which can be a valuable asset for future travel plans.

This approach also aids in optimizing your mileage points, enhancing your overall travel experience by allowing for more strategic decisions when planning trips to your destinations.


Planning a journey without Google Flights is almost unimaginable. This platform caters to every traveler’s unique needs, whether for direct flights or complex connections. What truly elevates Google Flights, however, is its remarkable price alert feature, which transforms the way savvy travelers save money. It introduces an unparalleled ease to finding cost-effective flights, especially for those who blend their travel plans with a touch of flexibility.

Take a look at the insightful tips we’ve shared above and embark on your travels with confidence. With Google Flights, economical flying isn’t just a possibility; it’s a guarantee, ensuring you soar high without ever straining your wallet. Stay alert, stay informed, and enjoy the skies like never before.If you wish to learn more about Google Flights and how to master its other features, take a look at our other guide right here.

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