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How to Use Hopper: A Comprehensive Guide to Travel Planning

Imagine having a magical compass, one that not only points you toward your next grand adventure but also ensures that the journey doesn’t drain your treasure chest. That’s Hopper for you—a digital navigator that dances through the complex web of airfare pricing to find you the golden deals you wouldn’t want to miss. This isn’t just about punching in departure and arrival points; it’s about embarking on a treasure hunt where the prize is the joy of travel made affordable.

Hopper’s features don’t end at sifting through the sands of data to unearth the best flight options. It whispers the secrets of when to book your flight through its price prediction feature, a kind of soothsaying that tells you if waiting might save you a few more coins, or if now is the moment to strike. But what if you’ve found a deal that feels just right, yet you’re not ready to commit? Here’s where Hopper plays its ace—price freeze. It’s like pressing pause on time, locking in that perfect fare while you make up your mind, without the fear of prices soaring overnight.

But Hopper’s charm lies not just in its features but in the way it makes the chase for cheap flights a shared adventure. As you set alerts for your dream destinations, Hopper becomes your lookout, sending word when prices dip. It’s a partnership where you’re never left to navigate the unpredictable seas of airfare alone.

So without any further ado, let’s check out how to use Hopper to your advantage.

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Getting Started with the Hopper App

Embrace the travel unicorn Hopper and embark on a journey of savings. This free app is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. To get started, all you need is a mobile phone number or a Google account for a quick sign-up process.

Once you’ve created your account, it’s time to personalize your travel preferences. Select your home airport, preferred destinations, and travel dates to make the app work in harmony with your travel plans. Don’t forget to enable push notifications to stay updated with fare changes; tap the ‘Notify Me’ button, and let Hopper do the rest.

How Does Hopper Work

Searching for flights using Hopper is as easy as pie. Here’s how to view flights:

  1. Input your departure and destination airports.
  2. Select the flight type as either round-trip or one-way.
  3. You can also adjust the search to remove the default round-trip selection for one-way flights.

Hopper’s calendar feature, utilizing airfare data, aids in visualizing cost variations across dates. The color-coded system signifies the least expensive days to fly, with green marking the cheapest. Intermediate price levels are displayed in shades of yellow and orange.

For a more personalized search, you can apply filters to select preferences regarding the number of stops, preferred flight times, and choice of airlines. If your travel dates are flexible, make the most of Hopper’s ‘Flex Watch’ feature. Set a date range and let the app notify you of the best available deals during that period.

Basic Economy Fares

Basic economy fares can be a game-changer for budget travelers looking for cheap flights. These cost-effective options are typically cheaper than main cabin fares and are perfect for travelers with definitive plans or solo voyagers who prioritize savings over comfort.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the limitations that come with basic economy fares. These often include:

  • No flight changes or cancellations
  • No seat selection, which could mean a middle seat or separation from travel companions
  • Restrictions on carry-on allowance and mileage earning, which can vary between airlines

Hopper makes it easy by displaying basic economy fares alongside more premium options, ensuring you make an informed choice.

Booking Flights through Hopper

The booking process on Hopper is as smooth as a breeze. You can purchase flights using various payment methods, including credit, debit, or prepaid credit cards. Hopper also permits transactions through Klarna, subject to Klarna’s specific terms and privacy policy.

When it comes to booking, Hopper has a unique ace up its sleeve – ‘Secret Fares.’ These are exclusive deals not typically available through other booking platforms or airlines. On confirming a purchase, you authorize Hopper to charge the total cost, including all fees and taxes, to your linked payment method.

Hopper’s Price Prediction Feature

The standout feature of Hopper is its price prediction algorithm. Hopper uses historical data to provide insights into price trends and future costs, helping you decide the best time to book flights.

You can set up flight watch notifications on Hopper to receive real-time alerts on price changes, ensuring you never miss out on a great deal. With a success rate of 95%, Hopper’s prediction algorithm is incredibly accurate, although it’s essential to remember that predictions are not guaranteed, as the accuracy is not 100%.

Hopper’s Price Freeze Option

Hopper’s Price Freeze is a feature that makes the app stand out from the crowd. This feature allows you to lock in a flight price for a specific period. During this time, Hopper covers any price increases up to a predetermined cap.

Activating a Price Freeze is simple. Select your flight itinerary, tap the Price Freeze button, and follow the steps to lock in your fare. If the flight’s price drops after the Price Freeze is purchased, you benefit by paying the lower price.

Comparing Hopper to Other Flight Booking Services

While there are numerous flight booking services available, Hopper’s predictive algorithm sets it apart. Unlike Skyscanner, which shows users the final price upfront, Hopper advises on the best time to purchase flights, reducing anxiety around airfare purchases.

However, Google Flights is a formidable competitor. Using its strong brand recognition, Google Flights offers a price guarantee badge for select flights, promising refunds if the price drops post-booking. Despite the competition, Hopper’s unique features continue to make it a favorite among travelers.

How to use Hopper for Car Rentals and Hotel Bookings

Hopper isn’t used just for flights. You can also book car rentals and hotels directly through the app. To get started, simply download Hopper and enjoy a seamless booking experience.

To book rental cars, simply:

  1. Tap the ‘Cars’ icon on the home screen, where rental cars find millions of options
  2. Enter your pick-up location
  3. Choose your pick-up and drop-off dates
  4. Input the driver’s age and select from the available rental car companies.

Additionally, you can apply filters to narrow down your search by:

  • car size
  • price range
  • transmission type
  • specific car types like vans or SUVs

For hotel bookings, Hopper offers access to millions of properties worldwide, including exclusive deals with top hotels.

Navigating Hopper’s Flight Disruption Guarantee

Travel disruptions are unpredictable, but with Hopper’s Flight Disruption Guarantee, you can travel stress-free. This feature provides protection for travelers in case of flight cancellations or delays.

In the event of a flight disruption, Hopper assists with rapid rebooking on the next available flight that aligns with your original itinerary, considering layovers and flight durations. The service includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, offering to refund the original flight cost if the rebooking options for Hopper flights do not satisfy you.

With Hopper, you are always covered. The guarantee covers up to a maximum rebooking cost of $2,000.00 per passenger for each disrupted flight, with service caps and exclusions detailed in the terms.

Hopper Customer Support and Assistance

Ensuring a seamless user experience, Hopper offers both standard and VIP Support options. The VIP Support, available for a fee, provides a concierge-level customer support experience. It prioritizes your requests and offers options for live chat or phone contact.

Basic Support is available to all users. For assistance, you can reach Hopper customer support 24/7 via in-app chat if available, or by calling the provided toll-free number.

Trip confirmations and details are sent via email, with options for users to view their trip details, check in, and contact support through the app or website.

Travel Tips and Tricks with Hopper

To make the most out of Hopper, here are some tips and tricks. Start monitoring prices with Hopper 3-4 months before domestic departures and 6-7 months in advance for international trips. For Hawaiian vacations, it’s recommended to book 3-4 months ahead, especially during peak travel seasons.

Flying midweek, typically on a Wednesday, can save an average of 17% per ticket compared to weekend flights. By keeping an eye on flight prices, you’ll notice that checking in from Sunday through Tuesday can result in savings of 25% or more per night over weekend rates for hotels.

Conclusion – How to Use Hopper

There you have it, now you know how to use Hopper. This tool is a versatile travel app that offers users an efficient way to find and book cheap flights, car rentals, and hotel stays. Available for free on both Android and iOS, Hopper simplifies the booking process with features like price prediction, price freeze, and exclusive deals such as “Secret Fares.” It uses a color-coded calendar to help travelers identify the cheapest days to fly and provides alerts on price changes to ensure users can secure the best deals.

Additionally, Hopper aids in managing travel disruptions with its Flight Disruption Guarantee and offers both standard and VIP support options for customer assistance. For car rentals and hotel bookings, you can use filters to tailor the Hopper flights search process according to your preferences. 

With its unique algorithm predicting flight prices with a 95% success rate, Hopper stands out among other booking services by reducing airfare purchase anxiety and offering substantial savings on travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hidden fees with Hopper?

No, Hopper is completely free to download and doesn’t have any hidden fees.

How do I download the Hopper app?

You can download the Hopper app for free from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

What is Hopper’s Price Freeze feature?

Hopper’s Price Freeze feature lets you lock in a flight price for a set time, with Hopper covering any price increases up to a certain cap. This can help you avoid unexpected price hikes while planning your trip.

Can I book car rentals and hotels on Hopper?

Yes, you can book car rentals and hotels directly through the Hopper app.

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