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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Unveiled: Your Guide to Cheap Airfare

Frontier Airlines, founded in 1994 by Frederick W. “Rick” Brown, Janice Brown, and Bob Schulman, began its journey in the aviation industry focusing on filling regional routes after Continental Airlines scaled back its flights from Denver’s Stapleton International Airport.

Initially, the airline started with direct flights en route between Denver and four cities in North Dakota, using Boeing 737-200 jetliners. It expanded quickly to serve multiple destinations and airports across the United States.

Frontier’s significant transformation came in the early 2000s. The airline took delivery of its first Airbus aircraft in 2001, becoming the launch customer of the Airbus A318 in 2003. This transition marked a shift in Frontier’s strategy to an all-Airbus fleet, aiming to stay competitive in the industry, especially against Southwest Airlines’ entry into Denver.

In 2013, Frontier Airlines underwent a crucial transition from a low-cost carrier to an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC). This shift involved implementing new policies that included charging for carry-on bags that don’t fit under the seat and for in-flight beverages. These changes were part of Frontier’s strategy to reduce their flight prices and charge for additional services, allowing passengers to pay only for what they use.

All in all, Frontier Airlines has focused on creating a business model that supports ultra-low fares while offering optional services for an additional fee. This approach has allowed the airline to compete effectively in the market, appealing to cost-conscious travelers and contributing to the democratization of air travel.

These strategic decisions have helped Frontier maintain a significant presence in the aviation industry, with a strong focus on cost efficiency and providing affordable travel options to a broad customer base.

Let’s explore this budget airline in-depth and answer questions such as what makes this airline so budget-friendly, how safe is Frontier Airlines when it comes to our Earth, and how the in-flight experience is.

Frontier Airlines at a Glance

Frontier Airlines has established itself as a significant player in the domestic airline industry with a unique position, primarily due to its focus on operating as an ultra-low-cost carrier. The airline’s fleet primarily consists of Airbus A320 family aircraft, including models like the A319, A320, and A321.

This selection of aircraft aligns with Frontier’s commitment to operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, which are central to its business model. Frontier has over 100 A320 family aircraft, with a notable presence of the A320neo model, making it the largest operator of this variant in the Americas.

This fleet composition contributes to Frontier being recognized as the most fuel-efficient U.S. airline, with an average of 43% fuel savings compared to other U.S. airlines.

In terms of destinations, Frontier Airlines flies to approximately 120 destinations across the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

Furthermore, the airline offers a range of popular routes, connecting major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Philadelphia, and more to various popular destinations across its network. 

This extensive route map and the airline’s pricing strategy have enabled Frontier to cater to a broad customer base, particularly those seeking budget-friendly travel options.

Booking Frontier Flights

Navigating the Frontier Airlines website for booking flights is relatively straightforward. The page offers different pricing tiers for flights, each designed to cater to various customer needs and preferences.

The key to finding the best deals often lies in flexibility with travel dates and being open to different flight options. Frontier’s website allows users to search for flights by city, and it provides a comprehensive view of available routes and pricing options.

You can also leverage Google Flights if you have mastered the filters and know how to find the cheapest flights.

Discount Den Membership

One notable feature of Frontier Airlines is its Discount Den membership. This membership offers several benefits, including access to lower fares, exclusive deals, and the ability for children 14 years and younger to fly for free on qualifying flights.

The Discount Den membership can be particularly beneficial for frequent travelers and families looking for additional savings on travel costs.

Frontier flight prices and additional fees

When booking Frontier Airlines flights, it’s essential to be aware of the airline’s pricing structure and restrictions. As an ultra-low-cost carrier, Frontier offers its flights at very low base fares but charges additional fees for services that are often included in the ticket prices of other airlines.

These services include seat selection, baggage, and in-flight refreshments. To maximize savings, customers should carefully consider which additional services they will need and factor these into the total cost of their travel when comparing various flight prices and options.

In-Flight Experience

Frontier Airlines offers a basic yet comfortable flying experience, keeping flight prices in line with its ultra-low-cost carrier model.

Cabin Comfort

The seats on Frontier’s aircraft are ergonomically designed to offer comfort. They are pre-reclined, ensuring more personal space for a personal item. Frontier also offers “Stretch Seating,” which provides extra legroom, full comfort recline, and priority in-flight service.

However, it’s important to note that the standard legroom in regular seats might be less generous compared to other airlines, so passengers seeking more space should consider opting for stretch seating.

If you are wondering just how much legroom you will enjoy on your flight, open Google Flights, input your flight details, departure date, and arrival date, select the Frontier option, and after clicking, you will be presented with more detailed information regarding your flight.

It will look something like this:

Dining options

Frontier Airlines offers a variety of snacks and drinks for purchase on board. These include sodas, teas, coffee, snacks like Chex Mix, Cup of Noodles, and pretzels, as well as alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and spirits.

They also offer bundled snack and drink packages with options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. However, unlike some airlines, Frontier does not provide complimentary in-flight food and beverages.


Frontier Airlines focuses on maintaining low fares for their flights and, as a result, does not offer Wi-Fi, TV, movies, or other standard in-flight entertainment options. Passengers flying here should plan to bring their own devices and entertainment for the flight.

Managing your Booking with Frontier Airlines

When it comes to modifying or canceling Frontier Airlines flights, round-trip passengers have the convenience of doing so through the airline’s web page or by contacting customer service. However, it’s important to note that depending on the type of round-trip fare or one-way flight ticket you have purchased and the timing of the changes, fees may apply. This underscores the importance of understanding the fare rules when booking a round trip.

Furthermore, Frontier Airlines is known for its additional charges for services such as seat selection and both checked and carry-on baggage. Being proactive in reviewing the fees and charges for these services at the time of booking your flight or when managing your reservation is key to avoiding unexpected costs.

Effective communication with Frontier’s customer service can greatly enhance the experience of managing your booking. The airline’s website offers a comprehensive FAQ section and contact information to assist passengers. Having your flight details, such as your flight number and booking reference, at hand when reaching out to customer service can facilitate a smoother and more efficient interaction.

Frontier’s Loyalty Program: Frontier Miles

The Frontier Miles program is designed to reward passengers for their loyalty to the airline. Members earn one mile for every mile they fly by using Frontier Airlines, a credit card that can accumulate points and be used for future travel.

The program features different tier levels, each offering a variety of benefits. These benefits can range from priority boarding to complimentary seat selection and even waived fees for certain services, enhancing the overall travel experience.

In addition to earning miles through direct flights alone, Frontier has partnered with a variety of businesses, including hotels in various countries, car rental companies, and other retailers. This allows members to earn and redeem miles in a variety of ways, providing greater flexibility and more opportunities to save and accrue benefits.

Miles can be earned not just by flying with Frontier but also through purchases with partner companies. Redeeming miles usually involves booking flights, but the program also offers other redemption options through its partners, making it a versatile tool for frequent travelers.

Comparing Frontier with Other Low-Cost Carriers

Frontier Airlines stands out among low-cost carriers for its pricing strategy, comfort, and convenience. While it competes closely with airlines like Spirit and Ryanair in terms of low base fares, Frontier differentiates itself with certain perks.

For example, Frontier offers free seat selection for specific routes, a feature less common among ultra-low-cost airlines. However, like its competitors, Frontier charges additional fees for services like baggage and in-flight amenities, which is typical in the low-cost carrier industry.

The decision to choose to opt for Frontier or other ultra-low budget carriers is entirely up to you and their current flight offers.

Traveler Reviews and Experiences

Analyzing reviews from various sources Frontier Airlines reveals a mix of compliments and complaints.

Common praise includes affordable ticket prices and efficient boarding processes, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers. However, complaints often focus on extra fees for baggage and seat selection, and some passengers express dissatisfaction with customer service.

Overall, Frontier is frequently commended for its value-for-money proposition but criticized for ancillary charges and customer service.

Frontier Airlines Flights for Business and Family Travel

The lack of amenities often found in traditional business classes may be a deterrent for some business travelers. But that’s not a big problem for individuals who want to simply get to their planned destination and enjoy their adventure there. The flight is just a means to an end.

However, Frontier’s corporate accounts and programs can provide businesses with savings on frequent travel. For families, Frontier’s affordability makes it attractive, and the airline’s policy of guaranteeing adjacent seats for children and accompanying adults enhances its family-friendly appeal.

Special Considerations

Traveling with pets on Frontier is feasible, with clear guidelines and fees for in-cabin pet travel. As for passengers with special needs,

Frontier provides accessibility services, including assistance for mobility-impaired passengers and those with other disabilities. It’s recommended to communicate needs with the airline ahead of travel to ensure proper accommodations are arranged.

Frontier Airlines and Sustainable Travel

Frontier Airlines emphasizes the economy and its commitment to sustainable travel. It operates one of the most fuel-efficient fleets among U.S. airlines, primarily due to its significant investment in Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft.

These aircraft are designed for lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Frontier’s focus on environmental sustainability is reflected in its operational choices and its efforts to reduce its overall carbon footprint on its routes.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When facing delays or cancellations with Frontier Airlines, the first step is to stay informed through their official channels, such as their website or customer service.

For lost bags, promptly contact the airline’s baggage claim department. Always keep your flight and baggage claim receipts, as they are essential for tracking and resolving these issues. It’s also advisable to familiarize yourself with Frontier’s policies on delays, cancellations, and lost baggage to understand potential compensations or solutions.

The Future of Frontier Airlines

If you are wondering where Frontier Airlines fly internationally, they continue to focus on expanding their route network, with plans to introduce more domestic and international destinations. The airline’s strategic plan includes maintaining its position as a leading low-cost carrier while exploring opportunities for sustainable growth.

This includes continued investments in fuel-efficient aircraft and enhancing the overall customer experience.


Frontier Airlines, with its ultra-low-cost model, offers an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Its strengths lie in affordable fares and an expanding network of routes and airports.

The airline is well-suited for short-haul travelers and those who prioritize cost over amenities. However, additional fees for services and luggage and less emphasis on comfort may not appeal to all travelers.

Ultimately, Frontier is an excellent choice for those who prefer basic, no-frills air travel at a competitive price.If you want to find budget options for various destinations, check out Matt’s Flights.

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