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Amex Platinum benefits

Amex Platinum Benefits Unveiled: A Guide to Exclusive 2024 Offerings

Welcome to the world of unparalleled luxury and convenience with the American Express Platinum card. Renowned for its prestige and exclusivity, the Amex Platinum card stands as a symbol of sophistication in the credit card landscape. With a legacy built on providing exceptional service and a suite of unparalleled benefits, this card has solidified its position as a leader in the market, catering to individuals who seek more than just a financial instrument.

The Amex Platinum card is not merely a means of transaction; it’s an experience in itself. Boasting a reputation for delivering top-notch services and privileges, it opens doors to a world where travel, leisure, and lifestyle seamlessly intertwine. As a cardholder, you become part of an elite community that values quality, sophistication, and seamless experiences.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the Amex Platinum card, dissecting its multifaceted benefits to provide you with a detailed understanding of the advantages at your disposal. From exclusive airport lounge access to substantial travel credits, each facet of this card is designed to elevate your lifestyle. Join us on this journey as we explore the intricacies of the Amex Platinum card, unraveling the layers of benefits that make it a coveted companion for the crafty travelers.

Experience Elevated Travel with Amex Platinum

Before we continue, know that in order to enjoy all the Amex Platinum benefits, you need a Platinum card.

Applying now offers a favorable opportunity, particularly with the chance of CardMatch providing an exceptional 150,000-point welcome bonus—a deal that is hard to beat. Alternatively, the standard bonus involves earning 80,000 Membership Rewards points by spending $8,000 within the initial six months of obtaining your new card.

Exercise financial due diligence when making an $8,000 expenditure. Credit cards require careful management, regardless of any enticing points and benefits packages available—it would never be wise to apply for new credit if you can’t quickly repay each dollar spent.

After receiving and activating your card and creating an online account, it’s time to take advantage of its perks. Most of what you require can be found under “Rewards & Benefits.”

Lounge Access: Elevating Your Pre-Flight Experience

No credit card rivals the Platinum Card in terms of airport lounge access through American Express’ Amex Global Lounge Collection.

The American Express Centurion Lounges are widely acknowledged as some of the most luxurious spaces found in airports worldwide. Currently situated in 13 U.S. airports and two international locations, including Seattle (SEA), Denver (DEN), Las Vegas (LAS), and New York City (JFK), these lounges offer a serene retreat before your departure.

Moreover, when traveling with Delta-operated flights on the same day, your Platinum card provides entry to Delta Sky Club lounges, although certain restrictions are anticipated in early 2025. The card also grants access to smaller lounge networks like Plaza Premium Lounges.

Significantly, the Platinum card grants access to over 1,200 Priority Pass lounges worldwide. Although many airport lounges only necessitate card presentation, activating the complimentary Priority Pass Select Membership could streamline entry.

Upon receiving your card within approximately one week, retain the materials for online account registration. Log in to the Priority Pass app to display the digital card at lounge entrances, eliminating the need to carry the physical card.

As of early February 2023, while Delta Sky Clubs and Amex Centurion Lounges permit two guests for Platinum cardholders, there is now a $50 fee per guest (or $30 for children) for Sky Club access, aligning with the policy at Centurion Lounges. Exceptions exist for Platinum cardholders with annual fees surpassing $75,000.

A notable update for Priority Pass membership linked to American Express cards: since August 2019, cardholders no longer receive airport restaurant credits. 

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Uber Credit: Courtesy of Amex Platinum

American Express Platinum credit cards provide up to $200 of Uber ride credits per year (enrollment required).

Each month, Uber rewards its Amex users with up to $15 in credits, with December offering even more, up to $35! But in order to obtain these credits you need to take proactive measures. You need to add your card information as the payment method within the Uber app so it can monitor any available credits for use by ridesharing services.

Keep in mind that your unused credits won’t automatically transfer to the next month, meaning they’re wasted. If you find that you still have some credits available to use, here’s an exciting newsflash: they can also be applied toward the Uber Eats food delivery service.

Effortless Travel Navigation with Amex Platinum

People detest waiting in long airport security lines when traveling. Even more frustrating is having to pass through airport security checks which often last over an hour and a half. No wonder you have to be at the airport several hours early.

Security Checkpoint Fees: Navigating the Skies with Global Entry or TSA PreCheck

An essential step for frequent travelers, Global Entry and TSA PreCheck are essential services to secure. TSA PreCheck expedites airport security processes by bypassing long queues while Global Entry facilitates faster immigration procedures – The American Express Platinum Card simplifies both of these services for you.

With your card, you could receive up to a $100 credit towards either TSA PreCheck or Global Entry applications; both programs entail five-year membership commitments that cover application fee expenses. Credit is given every 4.5 years with TSA PreCheck, while four times every year for Global Entry membership renewal, ensuring seamless continuity for memberships that require continuous renewal efforts.

If you are deliberating between TSA PreCheck and Global Entry memberships, our advice would be Global Entry as it includes TSA PreCheck by default. Read through our comprehensive guide for enrolling in Global Entry to make the most out of it; additionally, familiarize yourself with TSA PreCheck through resources and application processes.

Leverage this advantage by utilizing your new American Express Platinum card to cover the application fee, with reimbursement typically occurring within a few days of completing this transaction.

If you already belong to one of these programs, use your card as collateral against application fees for someone close, perhaps your friend or relative.

CLEAR Plus Coverage: Elevating Security with Amex Platinum

Among the new benefits introduced to Amex Platinum in 2021, this particular perk stands out as one of the most noteworthy.

The American Express Platinum Card currently includes an annual $189 credit for enrolling in CLEAR Plus, the privately operated airport security program. By getting a CLEAR Plus membership, you get an opportunity to enhance your savings further. 

While the typical annual cost for CLEAR membership starts at $189, you have the opportunity to lower this expense to $179 by including a complimentary Delta SkyMiles or United MileagePlus account number. Alternatively, if you have status or own a co-branded credit card with either airline, you can bring it down to $149.

Following a recent increase, adding adults to your CLEAR Plus Family Plan incurs an additional $99 annually, while minors can accompany you at no extra charge.

While CLEAR and TSA PreCheck (or even better, Global Entry) may appear redundant, they form a highly effective combination. Utilize CLEAR to expedite the PreCheck process, and then benefit from the streamlined PreCheck procedures, sparing you from removing shoes, a belt, a light jacket, liquids, or electronics.

Simply use your Platinum card to cover the enrollment fee for CLEAR Plus, and you’re good to go. The statement credit for the entire amount will be automatically applied within a few days.

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Elevate Your Journey with Amex Platinum’s Airline Advantages

Amex Platinum cards provide many more than airport benefits. You will enjoy more perks by having one.

Airline Credits: Soaring High with Smart Utilization

American Express Platinum card members can take advantage of an additional $200 annual credit towards airline expenses (enrollment required). While not as extensive as Chase Sapphire Reserve’s $300 annually offered credit, this remains an effective means of offsetting its annual fee.

The U.S. airline credit provided effectively includes diverse expenses associated with checked luggage, seat assignments, change fees, in-flight meals, and more. Notably, it does not extend to cover expenses like in-flight Wi-Fi access fees, cabin upgrades, or the actual plane ticket.

To avail yourself of this benefit, log on and manually designate an airline each year from Alaska Airlines, American, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian, JetBlue Airlines, Southwest, Spirit, or United. Although committing to one may seem restrictive at times, contact American Express directly as changes could still be possible.

Your credit usage throughout the year can easily be tracked in your Benefits portal and reset annually, offering up to $400 worth of airline credits in your first full year with this card, depending on when it was opened.

Nevertheless, extracting $200 worth from these credits should prove simple enough.

Entertainment Credits: Unwind and Enjoy with a $20 Monthly Allowance

Since 2021, one of the many features of a Platinum Card membership includes up to $20 in monthly entertainment credits that may only be utilized under limited circumstances.

At present, this $20 monthly credit applies only to specific platforms: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Peacock SiriusXM Hulu Disney Plus Bundle.

Although choices may be more limited than ideal, utilizing any one or more of these services adds up to over $240 in savings each year.

To take advantage of this benefit, just charge your subscription service fee directly onto the Platinum Card and it will cover up to $20 of it each month automatically.

Wellness Redefined: The Equinox Gym Credit Advantage

The Platinum card also includes an annual credit of up to $300 for Equinox.

Equinox, a boutique gym chain primarily situated in New York and a few other major cities such as Chicago and across California, charges steep membership fees that overshadow the provided credit. However, if you reside near an Equinox location, the credit can be applied towards the digital subscription for Equinox+, an app typically priced at $40 per month.

While this benefit may be of little use to many, it holds significant value for gym enthusiasts or those already holding an Equinox membership.

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Immerse Yourself in Luxury: Amex Platinum’s Hotel Indulgences

The American Express Platinum card offers a convenient route to hotel status, facilitating instant enrollment in Gold-level status for both Hilton and Marriott Bonvoy hotel programs.

Hilton Honors Gold Status offers several key perks: 25% more points when staying for paid stays, complimentary upgrades when space permits, and complimentary breakfast for you and one guest when traveling abroad. 

Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status affords guests with 25% points bonus for paid stays, enhanced internet access, room upgrades based on availability, and priority for late checkouts.

To upgrade to each status level, it is necessary to enroll individually with each hotel brand by enrolling with your loyalty account number and initiating through either the Amex Platinum benefits tab for that hotel chain, or the online chat feature to request help from one of their representatives. Registration should take no more than 24 hours once initiated through the Amex Platinum benefits tab; alternatively, use their chat function or request their services directly for assistance from one of them.

Fine Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Collection: Crafting Experiences with the $200 Credit

Platinum Cards’ influence on hotel experiences goes beyond simply elevated status.

American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts (FHR) Program gives access to an elite collection of hotels around the globe that feature luxurious perks complemented by more modest but still exceptional Hotel Collection properties. Think of FHR as elite status.

FHR provides exclusive advantages that enhance travel to France, such as complimentary room upgrades when accessible, complimentary daily breakfast for two, and an experience credit of $100 or more that can be applied towards dining or spa services. Additionally, there is the potential for noon check-in and guaranteed 4 PM checkout times, whenever possible.

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Retail Extravaganza: Unleashing the Saks Fifth Avenue Shopping Credit

American Express Platinum cards were recently expanded with an annual $100 credit for Saks Fifth Avenue purchases on two $50 credits each calendar year, distributed across both cards.

Note that any unclaimed credits do not carry over and should be utilized within 6 months; gift card purchases do not qualify for reimbursement, either. Once activated through the Amex Platinum benefits tab, credit should automatically apply.

Seamless Journeys: Unveiling Amex Platinum’s Car Rental Insurance

Renting a car becomes smoother and more hassle-free with the American Express Platinum card in hand. Just as its benefits extend to hotel chains, its status instantly provides instant status at various car rental agencies.

A standout option among the choices is the Emerald Club Executive status with National. This preference stems from the privileged access it offers to the Executive Section, enabling you to choose any full-size car or a higher category at the midsize car rate. This distinctive perk allows you to reserve a full-size car without going through the National check-in desk. Instead, you can proceed directly to the Emerald Aisle and select your preferred vehicle from the available options.

Hertz President’s Club stands out among its competitors by allowing users to skip lines at over 50 airport locations. With Hertz Ultimate Choice car selection service, choose any car available from their lot, enjoy complimentary upgrades, bonus point earnings, and additional drivers free on each rental transaction – among many other benefits!

Avis Preferred Status allows you to bypass rental lines completely or receive up to 25% discounts and an upgraded one-class car rental, while Hertz Gold Plus Status expedites check-in at their Gold counter, potentially offering lower rates and an upgrade from your rental class of car.

No matter your car rental company of choice, enrolling on your Amex Platinum benefits page is crucial if you wish to gain status across them all. Upgrades typically take several days so planning ahead may be wiser.

Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance provides added peace of mind by covering up to $75,000 of theft or damage for most rental cars. To qualify, use an eligible card to reserve and pay for the entire rental while declining collision damage waiver options from rental companies. It should be noted, however, that this coverage is secondary and doesn’t provide liability coverage; certain vehicle types or rentals may not qualify. Geographic restrictions also may apply.

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Extend the Elegance: Amex Platinum’s Authorized Users Benefit

You’re not alone in reaping the benefits of the Amex Platinum perks.

American Express allows you to include authorized users in your account, and they’ll share many of these advantages. Priced at $195 per year each after a recent increase, it’s not the most budget-friendly option.

So, what perks do these users enjoy?

Access to the prestigious American Express Centurion Lounges and Priority Pass Select Lounge Membership ensures a luxurious pre-flight experience. Delta Sky Club access is granted when flying with Delta, while a $100 credit facilitates enrollment in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. Instant hotel status with Marriott and Hilton, along with access to Fine Hotels & Resorts, adds to the travel indulgence. 

However, certain annual credits, such as $200 for airline fees, $189 for CLEAR, $240 for entertainment, $300 for Equinox, $200 for Uber rides, and $100 for Saks Fifth Avenue, are not included. 

The card also provides immediate rental car access with Hertz, Avis, and National. Though some benefits may not apply, the Platinum Card remains a powerhouse for enhancing the travel experience.

That is an impressive list of benefits you can share with family and friends; unfortunately, only the monetary credits (such as hotels, airlines, Uber rides, Saks Fifth Avenue purchases, or entertainment credits) do not transfer between accounts. However, other perks and privileges, like lounge access and hotel status, can be extended to authorized users on your account, allowing them to enjoy the rewards of eligible purchases.

Amex Platinum Lounge benefits can add considerable value. For example, entry to either Delta Sky Club or Amex Centurion Lounge would normally cost $50 per visit; by adding them as an authorized user to your account they can gain entry for free!

American Express enables direct transfers of Membership Rewards points into the frequent flyer account of an authorized user. Although Amex recently instituted certain restrictions regarding these transfers, Priority Pass members find this feature invaluable as it significantly simplifies trip planning and booking for couples and groups of travelers alike.

Conclusion: Amex Platinum Benefits

These Amex Platinum benefits add up, and for certain travelers, they could even outweigh the annual fee.

Amex Platinum benefits offer unmatched travel comfort—from getting you to and from the airport to renting a car, clearing immigration on a return trip, and more! Make your travels easier, take full advantage of them all for maximum travel comfort.

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