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Discover The Real-Life Locations of Your Favorite TV Shows!

Discover The Real-Life Locations of Your Favorite TV Shows!

Don’t you ever wish you could pause a TV show and just touch the screen to enter it the way Mary Poppins did just because the scenery takes your breath away? Well, that’s exactly how we felt and tracked down the locations of some of our favorite TV shows.

So, read on and relive your favorite on-screen moments yourself!

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is a gripping story about resilience and what it means to be human. The story closely follows Joel and Ellie in a world turned on its head.

The fun thing about this show is that the entire story is adapted from a video game of the same name. And while you could take control of Joel in the video game and experience the world of The Last of Us yourself, it’s not the real deal.

The majority of the show is shot in Alberta, Canada. In the third episode (Long, Long Time), when our protagonists are looking for a helping hand in Bill, they visit a decrepit and desolate place with its own set of disastrous backgrounds. 

The location in question is the High River neighborhood of Beachwood Estates, an area that was abandoned after the 2013 floods. If you want to visit this area remember that while there are no infected lurking, the place can be spooky, so, make sure you travel with a bunch of friends.

Here are some locations we handpicked for die-hard fans of the show

Calgary, Alberta

One of the most poignant locations is where the roles of Joel and Ellie reverse and Joel is no longer the one protecting, but rather, Ellie is helping him and nursing him back to health. 

This turning point occurs in the Colorado scenes, where Joel is severely injured at the University of Eastern Colorado, filmed at Mount Royal University and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology​. 

Canmore, Alberta

Joel is reunited with his brother Tommy, and Ellie gets a glimpse of what life could be like in a community. 

The episodes set in Jackson are made possible thanks to the serene backdrop of Canmore’s beautiful and natural landscapes which provide a stark contrast to the harsh world we have grown accustomed to along our protagonists.

The downtown of Canmore was also transformed so that the gang could have a hub and a break from bloaters, clickers, and bandits. 

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The Calgary Zoo

Let’s be honest, we all cried when Ellie gave the giraffe a tiny pet. Well, you can relive that moment for yourself at the Calgary Zoo. This is the place where this emotionally packed scene was shot and you too can enjoy it for just under $30 (per person).

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Fallout has become one of the most beloved shows overnight. In fact, it was received so well that the day it dropped, a second season was confirmed. And while we don’t know if the protagonist is heading straight to the heart of New Vegas to have a heart-to-heart with Mr.House, we do know where they shot the show.

Don’t worry, the locations won’t tick off your Geiger counter.

Kolmanskop, Namibia:

One of the most striking locations used in the series is Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond mining town in the Namib Desert.  Kolmanskop became a ghost town after its diamond mines were depleted in the 1920s, leading to the abandonment of the settlement.

The town’s eerie, sand-filled buildings provide a perfect backdrop for the desolate and haunting atmosphere of the Fallout universe. This ghost town’s history and unique visuals bring to life the wasteland settlements seen in the show​​.

Image source

Wendover Airfield, Utah:

Wendover Airfield, a former World War II air base in Utah, stands in for the Brotherhood of Steel’s base. This location’s historical significance and dilapidated structures perfectly capture the militaristic and decayed environment associated with the Brotherhood of Steel in the Fallout series​​.

Nyack, New York:

The iconic Red Rocket gas station, a familiar sight for fans of the games, was filmed at a real gas station in Nyack, New York. This set captures the game’s aesthetic, down to the rusted signs and retro designs, making it a nostalgic nod to the original game settings​ where players meet Dogmeat in Fallout 4.

New York City and New Jersey:

Several scenes, including those set in the Super Duper Mart and various post-apocalyptic urban environments, were filmed in and around New York City and New Jersey. Notable locations include a former ShopRite on Staten Island, which was transformed into the Super Duper Mart, and a massive junkyard near Trenton, New Jersey, which served as the settlement of Filly​.

Game of Thrones

By many, the best TV show of all time if it only wasn’t for that last season… Game of Thrones shooting locations are a sight to behold and can sweep you right off your feet. 

Even if you are not filled with wanderlust, these gorgeous landscape locations are simply nothing short of incredible.

Dubrovnik, Croatia (King’s Landing)

Is it the capital of the Seven Kingdoms or Dubrovnik? The medieval architecture and stunning coastal views of Dubrovnik provided the perfect setting for King’s Landing, the heart of Westeros. The city’s ancient walls, narrow streets, and historic landmarks brought to life the political intrigue and dramatic confrontations that made us love this show. 

Key locations include Fort Lovrijenac, which served as the Red Keep, and the Pile Gate, the main entrance to the city used for various iconic scenes throughout the series​​.

Image source

Northern Ireland (Winterfell):

Northern Ireland served as the backdrop for Winterfell, the ancestral home of House Stark. 

Key locations include Castle Ward, which features the iconic courtyard scenes, and the Dark Hedges, which doubled as the King’s Road.

Spain (Dorne and Dragonpit):

Spain’s historic Alcázar of Seville was transformed into the palace of Dorne, while the Roman amphitheater in Italica became the Dragonpit. These locations added a rich, exotic flair to the series, with their intricate architecture and historical significance.

Image source

Iceland (Beyond the Wall):

The icy, rugged terrain of Iceland was used to depict the lands Beyond the Wall. The stunning glaciers, volcanic landscapes, and lava fields provided a hauntingly beautiful backdrop for the Night’s Watch and the wildlings’ journey.

Twin Peaks 

Image source

Diane, we are entering the town of Twin Peaks. This show is a cult classic that is growing more and more popular by the day. And, it also turns a lot of people into full-blown coffee addicts. 

In just two seasons, both David Lynch and Mark Frost were able to create a world that’s so beautiful, and dreamy but yet, weird and horrifying. 

The titular “peaks” of Twin Peaks are based on the real-life mountains surrounding the Snoqualmie Valley, primarily Mount Si and the Cascade Range.

Snoqualmie, Washington:

One of the most recognizable locations is Snoqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge & Spa, which doubles as the Great Northern Hotel. The majestic waterfall and the lodge’s rustic charm provide the perfect backdrop for many of the series’ pivotal scenes​​.

Image source

North Bend, Washington:

Nearby, the town of North Bend hosts several key filming sites, including Twede’s Cafe, known in the series as the Double R Diner. Fans can enjoy a “damn fine cup of coffee” and a slice of cherry pie at this iconic spot. The town also features other familiar locations, such as the Snoqualmie Mill, which served as the Packard Sawmill in the show​.

Ronette’s Bridge:

Another notable site is Ronette’s Bridge, where Ronette Pulaski was found walking after her traumatic experience. This location, along with many others in the Snoqualmie Valley, captures the show’s haunting atmosphere​ ​.

The Roadhouse:

The exteriors of the Roadhouse Bar were filmed at the Fall City Roadhouse in Fall City, Washington. This venue remains a popular destination for fans who want to experience the Twin Peaks ambiance while enjoying a meal​ .

The Sheriff’s Station

The Sheriff’s Station featured prominently throughout the series, is located at the DirtFish Rally School in Snoqualmie. So why not walk the halls where your favorite detective used to sip on a hot cup of coffee?


Ripley is a thrilling adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” starring Andrew Scott. The series takes viewers through a captivating journey of deception and intrigue, set against the backdrop of stunning European locales and iconic New York City.

Venice, Italy

One of the most picturesque locations in “Ripley” is Venice. The city’s intricate network of canals and historical structures add a timeless beauty to the series. Key scenes were filmed along the Grand Canal, showcasing landmarks like the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and the famous Caffè Florian at Piazza San Marco. These locations not only provide a visual feast but also enrich the show’s mysterious and elegant atmosphere.

Image source

Atrani, Amalfi Coast

Atrani, a small village on the Amalfi Coast, serves as a significant setting in the series. This charming town, with its maze-like streets and ancient buildings nestled between cliffs, perfectly captures the essence of 1960s Italy. The production team chose Atrani for its authentic, unmodernized look, making it an ideal stand-in for the fictional town of Mongibello, where much of the drama unfolds​.

Image source

Rome, Italy

Rome offers a mix of grand historical sites and intimate locales that enhance the series’ noir aesthetic. Notable filming locations include the Palazzo dell’Aeronautica and the Grand Hotel Plaza, which stand in for various luxurious settings in the series. The Salone delle Fontane in the EUR district and the ancient Porta San Sebastiano also feature prominently, adding to the show’s rich visual tapestry​.

New York City, New York

The series begins in 1960s New York, where we first meet Tom Ripley. Filming in New York City captures the vibrant, bustling atmosphere of the era, with scenes shot in iconic neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Manhattan. The city’s distinctive skyline and urban landscape provide a stark contrast to the serene beauty of the Italian countryside, highlighting Ripley’s journey from one world to another​​.

So where will you go first?

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