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CLEAR Locations

CLEAR Locations: Touching Down in Over 50 Airports, From Megacities to Hidden Havens

If you are a frequent traveler, you might have noticed the increase in CLEAR security screening programs. That’s right; as things stand, there are over 50 CLEAR locations, ranging from popular and state-of-the-art airports to some smaller, less-frequented ones.

Let’s explore where exactly travelers can experience the convenience of CLEAR.

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CLEAR’s Unique Approach to Security

CLEAR’s unique approach to airport security involves a technology-driven, expedited process that sets it apart from traditional security checks like TSA PreCheck

The key differences and features of CLEAR include:

  1. Biometric verification: CLEAR uses advanced biometric technology for identity verification, including eye scans and fingerprints. This allows you to skip the traditional security line entirely. Once your identity is verified at a CLEAR kiosk, a CLEAR agent escorts you directly to the front of the security checkpoint, eliminating waiting in line.
  2. Complementary to TSA PreCheck: CLEAR is different from TSA PreCheck, which provides a shorter security line and less strict screening requirements (like not needing to take off shoes). While TSA PreCheck focuses on expedited physical screening, CLEAR is primarily about swift identity verification. They are complementary services, and many frequent travelers opt to have memberships in both for the most efficient airport experience.
  3. Cost and membership: CLEAR is a private program and costs $189 per year, whereas TSA PreCheck, a government program, costs $78 for five years. Many credit cards and airline programs offer reimbursements or free memberships for these services.
  4. Availability: Both TSA PreCheck and CLEAR are not available at every airport, which is why having access to both can enhance the odds of a smoother airport experience.
  5. Security and efficiency: While CLEAR provides a faster way through security, it doesn’t compromise on security measures. The use of biometric data adds a layer of security that is hard to replicate, unlike traditional documents.

CLEAR’s approach is particularly beneficial at airports with high volumes of travelers or during peak times, as it can significantly reduce the time spent in security lines. However, its effectiveness can vary by airport and even by the time of day or specific flights. 

Therefore, the decision to use CLEAR, TSA PreCheck, or both depends on your individual travel patterns and preferences.

New CLEAR Airport Locations Details

In 2023, CLEAR expanded its biometric security services to several new airports, enhancing its nationwide coverage. 

These additions include:

  • Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT): Launched in December 2023, CLEAR’s presence at PIT is expected to create jobs and generate significant local economic impact​.
  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF): Opening in September 2023, this expansion brings CLEAR’s streamlined security process to Upstate New York, marking its first venture in the region​.
  • Kansas City International Airport (MCI): Starting in February 2023, the launch at MCI is part of CLEAR’s continuous growth, offering efficient travel experiences and contributing to local job creation and economic development​​.

CLEAR’s Presence at Delta and United Hubs

CLEAR maintains a strong presence at United and Delta Airlines hubs, offering expedited identity verification lanes through its CLEAR Plus membership. 

This service is particularly beneficial for frequent flyers of these airlines, as they can avail of preferred pricing options and streamlined security processes.

Focus on Smaller Airports

The CLEAR locations expansion strategy includes a focus on smaller airports as well, which is significant for several reasons:

  1. Economic impact: The introduction of CLEAR services in smaller airports can lead to job creation and boost local economies through increased travel efficiency and attractiveness of the airports.
  2. Strategic growth: By expanding to smaller airports, CLEAR diversifies its reach and caters to a wider range of travelers, not just those using major hubs.

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A Complete CLEAR Locations List

If you are wondering what airports have CLEAR security, below you can find a comprehensive list of all of the secured CLEAR airports.

Airport Terminal
Atlanta International Airport North & South Domestic Terminals
Austin International Airport Checkpoints 1 & 2
Baltimore International Airport Checkpoints A, B, C, D & E
Birmingham International Airport Main Terminal
Boise International Airport Main Terminal
Boston Logan International Airport Terminal A
Chicago-Midway International Airport Main Terminal
Chicago-O’Hare International Airport Terminals 1 & 2
Cincinnati International Airport Main Terminal
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Center & South Checkpoints
Columbus International Airport Main Terminal
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Terminal E
Dallas-Love Field International Airport Terminal 1
Denver International Airport North & South Entrances
Detroit International Airport North & McNamara Terminals
Fort Lauderdale International Airport Terminals 1 & 2
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport Main Terminal
Houston-Intercontinental International Airport Terminals A, B, C, E
Houston-Hobby International Airport Main Terminal
Kansas City International Airport Main Terminal
Las Vegas International Airport Terminals 1 & 3
Long Beach Airport Main Terminal
Los Angeles International Airport Terminals 1 – 7
Miami International Airport Checkpoints E & H
Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport Main Terminal
Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport Terminal 1
Nashville International Airport Central Checkpoint
New Orleans International Airport Concourse D
New York-JFK International Airport Terminals 2 & 4
New York-LaGuardia International Airport Terminals C & D
Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C
Oakland International Airport Terminal 2
Oklahoma City International Airport Main Terminal
Ontario International Airport Terminals 2 & 4
Orlando International Airport East & West Security
Palm Beach International Airport Terminals A, B & C
Palm Springs International Airport Main Terminal
Phoenix International Airport Terminals 3 & 4
Raleigh-Durham International Airport Terminals 1 & 2
Sacramento International Airport Terminals A & B
Salt Lake City International Airport Terminals 1 & 2
San Antonio International Airport Terminals A & B
San Diego International Airport Terminal 2
San Francisco International Airport Terminals 1-3, Intl. Terminals A & G
San Jose International Airport Terminals A & B
San Juan International Airport Terminals A, B & C
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Checkpoints 1-5
St. Louis Lambert International Airport Terminal 2
Tulsa International Airport Main Terminal
Washington, D.C.-Dulles International Airport Main Terminal & East Security Checkpoint
Washington, D.C.-Reagan International Airport Terminals A, B & C
Westchester County Airport Main Terminal

At the time of writing, these are all of the CLEAR locations options for travelers as well as the terminals you can find them at, plus those that we have mentioned above. 

For updates and the latest additions, take a look at the official CLEAR website.

Membership Cost and Discounts

CLEAR has recently adjusted its pricing structure as of 2023. The base price for CLEAR membership has been increased to $189 per year, which represents a $10 increase from the previous price.

There are various discounts available for certain groups:

  1. General Delta SkyMiles members and general United MileagePlus members now have a CLEAR renewal fee of $179, offering a $10 discount on the annual fee. New members also receive a 14-day free trial.
  2. Delta Silver, Gold, and Platinum Medallion members, eligible Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members, United Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum members, and United U.S. Credit Card Members can renew their CLEAR membership for $149, saving $40 off the standard rate.
  3. Delta Diamond Medallion and 360° members, as well as United Premier 1K and Global Services members, continue to receive CLEAR Plus for free, saving the full $189 on the annual fee.

For individuals with top-tier status with Delta or United, the CLEAR membership remains free. This pricing adjustment means that for a family of two without airline status or a co-brand credit card from Delta or United, the combined cost would be $209 ($149 for one adult plus $60 for the second adult).

For those with American Express Green or Platinum cards, it’s possible to use a $189 CLEAR credit but not to split the payment between two credit cards. This means that each member of a family would need to set up their own account to use the credit from each card separately.

While the base price of CLEAR has increased slightly, discounts and benefits are still available, particularly for frequent flyers with certain airline statuses or credit card memberships​.

CLEAR Locations


As CLEAR expands its presence to many airports, it has enhanced travel convenience and security across major hubs and smaller airports alike. With its unique biometric technology, CLEAR offers a swift alternative to traditional security processes. This expansion not only improves the travel experience but also positively impacts local economies. The inclusion of new airports like Pittsburgh, Buffalo Niagara, and Kansas City signifies CLEAR’s commitment to efficient and safe travel. For frequent flyers, particularly those associated with Delta and United, CLEAR’s growing network promises a smoother, faster airport experience, reinforcing its role as a pivotal player in modern air travel.

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