Success Stories

Saved $799
“If you’re looking to get away for a great rate, Matt is the ultimate cheap flight guru to help get the job done. Plain and simple. His email support is above and beyond, he truly cares and is determined to find you the best possible deal. Bravo.”
Janine R.
Saved $1,250
“You can’t find someone as helpful, generous and genuine as Matt. Simply put, he helps people vacation to their dream destinations at affordable rates, for free. What more can you ask for?”
Alexa S.
Saved $450
“Matt found me a roundtrip fare to Rome for under $400 roundtrip from Atlanta. It was an amazing vacation and allowed me to splurge, something I’ve never done before!”
Wendy J.
Saved $1035
“There was an urgent deal email alert that Matt sent me last week for flights to Australia. Being on my bucket list, and how cheap the airfare was, I had to book it. Can’t wait!”
Michael C.
Saved $316
“Paris roundtrip for just $425? Sold! Thanks for your Tuesday roundup emails!”
Daniel R.
Saved $570
“I’m on a super tight schedule and really wanted to get away for 3 days to Europe. Matt’s amazing customer support allowed me to not only get away on my exact dates, but for nearly half the price. You’re incredible!”
Jennifer G.
Saved $2,000+
“Matt’s personal 1-on-1 flight planning support is unparalleled. Outside of replying back insanely fast, he consistently provides me with the cheapest airfare deals and saves me $100s on each flight. It’s a sin to not be subscribed to his premium service!”
Winona R.
Saved $675
“I paid $49.99 for Matt’s premium service and within the first week I received a deal via email to France for $250 roundtrip. I’ve wanted to visit Italy for over 20 years now and never imagined being able to afford it! Thank you oh so very much Matt, you’ve helped make my dream come true.”
Cassandra M.
Saved $465
“Like most people, I live a pretty monotonous life. Matt’s premium deals finally sparked some spontaneity back into my life! I was so inspired by one of the deals to Madrid for $252RT, I booked without even letting my husband know :).”
Mike R.
Saved $325
“Searching for airfare can be time consuming and confusing. Knowing that I can reach out to Matt and his team to guarantee the best price possible gives me peace of mind every time I travel.”
Mike R.
Saved $1,250
“I’ve been wanting to visit New Zealand ever since I was a little kid. Couldn’t believe my eyes when Matt sent over a deal that made it 50% cheaper than I ever thought was possible!. Thanks man”
Hector F.