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Past Deal:

NYC to Rome: $280

Normal Roundtrip Price: $800

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My husband and I love to travel, so when I came across Matt’s Flights I thought it was too good to be true. I must say, you’ve exceeded our expectations above and beyond. Our $49 Round trip to California was one of a kind! - Jennifer

Here is a picture of me with my best friend in Cancun. When I told her that we were going to Mexico for $150 roundtrip, she couldn’t believe it!. Thanks to you, now I have these memories for the rest of my life. - Rachael

I just got back from one of your email flight alerts that allowed me to go from NYC to Amsterdam for $230 roundtrip! The flight was so cheap that I had enough money to take the train to explore Brussels as well. I knocked out 2 bucket list cities for the price of 1! I look forward to every email alert. Thank you. - Brenden

About Matt

Hi I'm Matt and creating Matt's Flights has honestly been a dream come true for me! Travel has been the single most influential part of my life. Over the last 4 years I have traveled to over 30 countries and 25 states on discounted airfare. Throughout my travels, I've met countless people who have been consumed by wanderlust but just cant afford it. I knew something had to be done.  I could no longer keep my cheap flight tips and secrets to myself. Join today and let me help make your dream come true :)

Past Deal:

Chicago to Paris: $250

Normal Roundtrip Price: $900

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